Dairy House Cottages

The fishing pond

Quiet and relaxing

After beginning the build in 2013, we were able to landscape and stock the pond in Spring 2014. Stocked with carp, bream, and tench, our fishing pond and fishing hut have become quite established; the fish breed and so we do have lots of fry that feed the kingfisher and heron.

The pond is naturally filled by run-off land drains and culverts. At its deepest point, it is over six feet, but around the island it is three to four feet, depending on water level.  We are not fishermen, so we can give no guide with regard to fishing. However, we do feed them and they have significantly grown since they were released into the pond in 2014.  Many guests say they have enjoyed their days fishing, and indeed some catch tens of fish a day.

The area is a haven for wildlife and is visited by innumerable birds, deer, and also the breeding Canada geese who visit us annually and make their nest on the island. They stay until the goslings are ready to fly.